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An apple spread with a bit of nut butter is a good snack idea, as is a banana and a glass of milk. They are meant to keep you from being starving between real meals which keeps you from overeating or making poor choices. But, while they are a good suggestion for when you need them, too many people assume that they will need to eat snacks.

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Replica Bags Wholesale I say probably link with Predator (dodge 30 under half health, 50% chance to avoid counterattack over half health) and either White Chess Bishop (1/6 chance to cast Cure per attack) or Dark Dragon (40% chance to cast Curse But Better per attack).For potion, Queen Blessing (ATK/POW 9 in current floor, damage reduction 60% in current floor) is probably the strongest. I forgo the maze specific potion (B Mixture, enhance random attribute and receive 10 chess pieces).Personally, I like to use Boots of Planar Prophet to stall for time and try to get full gear sets (remember, you can get Dragon Scale set and Truth/Demon sets via furnace Knight, Pawn, and Queen sacrifices respectively), but you could also run, say, Duke of Destruction Belt to make higher level clears easier.The titles you going to go best replica designer for areGreat God of high replica bags Thieves you pick up the Noble Suit, making lots of stuff easier, AND you can find the Chess Aeroplane, which is essentially a mini PoE. Plus, occasional low level spells and random stat boosts.Planar Prophet as said, stalling for time while you collect your gear sets and useful spells.Alternatively, you 7a replica bags wholesale can go for Legendary Mage, but only if you gotten really best replica bags lucky with your Knight furnaces.Duke of Destruction you GOING to get a Dragon Scale set Replica Bags Wholesale.



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