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Over the years, London has become one of the most favourable cities in the world to study. With the fantastic education system available, the UK has become one of the strongest leaders in the world top universities and colleges.

With an ever increasing number of international students coming over to the UK, especially from Asia and the Middle-East, our team has a number of people who are multi-lingual.

AXM London have created a well-respected brand for ourselves in the student market. We have relied heavily on wordof- mouth and recommendations from other students due to our excellent customer service, as well as our student discounts and packages during peak season. We understand that for many students, this is their first time over in the UK, an exciting yet anxious period. At AXM London, we aim to find students a property that they feel comfortable in, close to their university or with easy access to it, and which gives them that ‘home away from home’ feel. We have a number of landlords that specifically look for students, as they come with good references, with international students paying most, if not all, of their rent in advance or have their parents who will act as a guarantor for the rent. We ensure that all needs are met not only for the tenants but for our landlords as well.


During the busy student period, we offer discounts and packages. This can include discount on local boutiques and cafes, as well as furniture packages and no admin fees!


We offer a team that are multi-lingual, ensuring that there is no language barrier preventing our clients understanding. Unlike many other boutique agencies, this has helped us to maintain an excellent relationship with all of our overseas customers.



With our office being located in the heart of Marylebone, it is surrounded by universities and colleges, allowing us to find students local accommodation. We work alongside a number of student boards where we receive recommendations from them to assist their students in finding a property to rent for the duration of their studies.

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